Safety & Durability

Advanced safety and durability through user-friendly functions


Vacuum sterilisation for all types of instrument

A vacuum pump removes air from the chamber and handpiece cavities before sterilisation.

iClave USB Slot
iClave Bacterial Filter

Sterilisation cycle data recording

All sterilisation cycles are recorded on a USB flash drive, and no special software is required to view and print records of all cycles. The system records all relevant cycle parameters against a unique date and time stamp.

Bacterial filter for greater safety

The iClave plus ventilates air through a bacterial filter during the drying phase, eliminating the possibility of re-contamination.

Designed to boost product reliability

Consistent temperatures inside the chamber eliminate fluctuation stresses and reduce the risk of problems. There are three thermometers to control temperatures in the iClave plus and HP and two in the iClave mini. An annual maintenance service alert helps prevent breakdowns and boosts product reliability.

Stainless steel body enhances durability

The stainless steel body work makes the iClave plus more robust. Together with the copper chamber it delivers outstanding durability.

Constantly monitoring working parameters for safe operation

The process evaluation system constantly monitors pressure, temperature, water quality and steam. Additional features include cycle counter, altitude set-up, maintenance monitoring, triple safety lock, auto switch-off, and double water tank.

iClave Panel
iClave Panel
iClave Panel
iClave Panel



An 18 Litre Autoclave Model Complying with the Top Sterilisation Standard

Employing a copper chamber to minimise internal temperature fluctuations. Efficiently sterilising more instruments while minimising wasted space.

iClave Complete Set

MODEL: iClave 230V with printer ORDER CODE: DX91806B0200P

MODEL: iClave 230V without printer ORDER CODE: DX91806B0200

External dimensions : W443 x D562 x H428(mm)

Chamber dimensions :ø240 x 284 (mm)

Chamber capacity :18 litre

Net weight :55 kg

Maximum power consumption : 1,900 W

Supply Voltage CE : 230V - 50Hz

Air expulsion system : Vacuum pump 1, 3, 4 vacuum

Max Load :4kg (solid), 1.5kg (porous)

External dimensions exclude protrusions

iClave Technical Specification