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iClave HP can run a cycle in approximately 12 minutes including drying. The B cycle (Helix test) can be done in less than 18 minutes including drying.

High performance

iClave HP can sterilise 12 wrapped or 18 unwrapped handpieces in one cycle.


As a result of its special heating system, iClave HP prevents thermal stress and allows gentle sterilisation without the risk of damaging handpieces.

Eco sustainability

Despite the fast cycles, iClave HP has very low power and water consumption. The special heating system enables power and water savings with obvious cost and environmental benefits.


iClave HP
iClave HP Class B

High-Performance 4.5 Litre Model to Augment Capacity

Conveniently augments the iClave plus. Employs a copper chamber, complying with the top sterilisation standard and offering quick start-ups.

iClave HP Complete Sets

MODEL: iClave HP No Printer EU Plug ORDER CODE:Y1003075

MODEL: iClave HP Printer EU Plug ORDER CODE: Y1003076

External dimensions : W443 x D545 x H254 (mm)

Chamber dimensions :ø156 x 251 (mm)

Chamber capacity :4.5 litre

Net weight :27kg

Maximum power consumption : 1,400 W

Supply Voltage CE : 230V - 50Hz

Air expulsion system : Vacuum pump 2, 3, 4 vacuum

Max Load :1.5 kg (solid), 1 kg (porous)

External dimensions exclude protrusions

iClave HP Tech Spec